For a limited of time we are offering 40% off our services, we are also offering Temporary Services here.

CONSULTATION -There is a free 30-minute consultation

  1. $65 per hour after free 30 minutes. 
  2. $65 per hour for business/tech consulting and consultation.
  3. $80 per hour for start-up help and information/research.

Fees- There is a $50 processing fee on all packages and payment plans. All payment plans must put down a percentage towards the service in addition to the processing fee. 

Payment plans are available- Please Contact for more info

*Services or plans not listed please contact for hourly rates. *


Starting at $80 per hour minimum of five hours per day

Term assignments can range from 3-12, Month Plans: Price Varies *Minimum 3 months*

Proposals upon requestion, Jobs less than 5 hours can be negotiated. For prices please contact us. 

SMALL BUSINESS ORGANIZATION- $30-80 per hour includes:

  1. Office Organization
  2. Office Design Light portfolio building
  3. Research insight( Safety, Certifications, Licenses)
  4. Advertisement
  5. Domain Set-Up (must provide payment method

SMALL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS- $80&Up per hour includes:

  1. Payroll/QuickBooks
  2. Website organization
  3. Light Typing
  4. File Organization
  5. Microsoft Office set-up (tour)
  6. Social Media Marketing Set-Up
  7. Continuing Website Maintenance

Computer Classes- $25 -$65 per hour (Beginner and intermediate.*)  

  1. Computer basics
  2. Light typing and saving
  3. Intro to Microsoft Word ( beginner & intermediate )
  4. Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint ( beginner & intermediate )
  5. Internet search and basics
  6. Email 101 for beginners


  1. Business Cards $65 per session * does not include cards price or s/h*
  2. CMS/ User-friendly website building
  3. $100 for a one page site ( home page, site page)
  4. Websites w/multiple pages starts at $200 home page/$80 per pg
  5. Website & Business Card package starting at $300  *does not include card prices , fees or s/h*
  6. Social Media Platform Set-up Package: $300 (assistance with adding payments is a flat rate of $50)
  7. Small business research starts at $80 per hour * Does not include fees for safety, certificates, and Licences. *

Payments Accepted 

We only accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and cash(USD) payments at this time. Both methods include an invoice and receipt for the service provided. Powered by Square.

Two locations will be available three times a year for computer classes. Please use the Contact tab for details*

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