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I am the host and Founder , Jen aka Emi. I have 2 co host. Honi & Mo

Dont worry we arent too exciting, we just wanted a place to host our cosplay and well our up in coming merch.

So when we are not adulting, we are talking about the Asian culture while being in the west oh and did I mention as Black women!

Toofullofkultur is my Podcast and we offer Advertising services

30 Second Ad

A 30 second Ad starts at $15- under 1000 listeners

1 Minuet Service

A full 60 seconds Ad starts $25 per 1000 listeners

Interviews ( with other podcast)

I /We are happy to be featured in other podcast . Rates start at $60 per person . Can hire myself or Co host. Please inquire below.

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