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Every now and again, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable conversation. Sometimes it’s an important, unavoidable talk with a loved one. Other times, it might be a chat that wanders into an intense conversation quickly turning hostile rather than friendly. With most uncomfortable conversations, a few tips can help you survive the encounter without…

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Random Networking Locations:CoffeeShops

if you know me I am an advent coffee drinker, but don’t worry this is not one of my coffee blog post, but more of an informative way for you to the network.

I know this is coming from the worlds most introverted person, but I feel at home when sitting in coffee shops. From Starbucks or Peets to fewer household names such (awesome shops) as Compass coffee.

People seem to share more intimate conversations in this public area because it is a safe place. If you are coffee, tea, water or pastry inclined, you can find yourself immersed in conversation and good food.

I have an example:

Le Pain Quotidien is where I met a network while eating my avocado toast and drinking coffee. We spoke for almost two hours! Did you believe that I didn’t have a business card but left my information with her? Maybe she will read this.

If she does, thank you. You are the motivation for my post. Starting a business is hard, but starting a business with nontraditional constants makes it worth your while. I have a larger percentage of keeping it around.

Don’t forget to have your business cards handy, that will the next blog post.