Our two new promotions

Happy March!

Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

I wanted to go into detail about our two new promotions. You can find more about them here. 

Website building and Tech 101 assist to guide you navigate through your new or existing business tools. We offer competitive prices and a hands-on approach in our Tech 101 classes. Through our website building, we will walk you step by step on what changes can and would need to occur to bring more traffic and or declutter your website.

We want to ensure that everyone is able to learn the basics and more so that your company can save some money in either hiring a webmaster or taking a more expensive course in creating emails or creating word or presentation documents.

Here at Jennlynn Consulting, we want to not only bring you exciting new deals but better time and money management services to help with your small or medium business needs.

Fun News!

Jenlyn Consult Logo

Its February and I have two things to announce! First is the above Logo! This is our custom made logo and she does custom orders. You can email her @ pookiesmbear@gmail.com for more info and pricing. Let me know what you think about it! Now on to the next announcement.

The second announcement is that we have two new additions to our team. Their positions are as Socia Media Director and Jr Managing Director. So if you see a new social post it’s most likely our social media guru!, and if you receive even faster service via email it’s our Jr DM. So don’t be afraid to email and message away, we have someone to answer your questions and schedule appointments around the clock.