Basics & Intermediate Tech Training Promotion

Happy Summer Fellow Entrepreneurs !

Its that time again , a new blog with new ideas on this month a promotion. We have been trying to find ways to make our new PC skill classes more accessible in both skill sets , at both locations ( Southern Virginia , DC Metro) . Here are a few of the promotion details and over time we will change as we grow and demands change.

  • The base rate of $25 can be charged if 5 or more people sign up for each session.
  • Sessions will be a minimum of two hours.
  • Lower rates can be introduced if larger groups sign up for the promotion.
  • Each class session includes coffee and a light snack.
  • Longer classes are available upon request.
  • Private sessions are also available, please contact us.
  • Price will also be lowered if supplies are not provided ( laptop, desktop, software)

We are excited on how well the response and interest in this promotion. As we develop more of what is needed, more choices will be provided. Every company needs to be on top of their tech,not just purchasing but knowledge on what and how to use what is purchased. We hope to provide a cost effective alternative.

Productivity Ideas

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

As I sit here and type this almost a week later than I usually do , I realize that what I was calling procrastination was simply a lack of a creative spark. I was lacking that productivity bug when it came to getting this blog and my hobby blogs done. I go through this from time to time. I am often asked how I come up with these topics each month, I just came up with this one realizing that I had to continue to create content for you guys.

Thank you for reading, I have seen my numbers rise on the site and its all thanks to you guys. My team appreciate the love you guys show.

Back to the basis of the blog: what tricks do you have to become more productive? Sometimes like today I knew there was a deadline on all of this so that gave me motivation. I have written some of my best work in a state of deadline fog.

One other thing was an article . I am following it at this very moment. After this blog is done, I would have blogged for a hour and a half. Minus a break. I prefer to work straight through rather than taking a break every 25 min as the method states but I do see that the breaks do help.

Then it got me thinking, sometimes new business owners needs help with things such as organization and other measures that more experience entrepreneurs try to juggle all alone. This is why I came up with :

Organization, light typing, errands and so on . We strive here at Jenn-lynn Consulting to do the out the ordinary. Need help with picking out your business new shirt color. We can do that . Need help deciding what office equipment would best fit your budget and needs? We got you covered.

Just remember that not everything is procrastination, it can be a lost of that creative spark.

Lets motivate each other. To find out more on the above services click here and contact here.

New product offer spotlight: Blog set-up/ Administration

Photo by Yoshiko Evanka on Unsplash

Starting a blog seems to be harder than a blogger as myself would view it. Many small business owners and potential new small business owners have the task of trying to create a platform where pictures speaks louder than words. Remember, a blog does not necessarily consist of words ALL the time. Some blogs are picture based, showing the product/service and either prices, descriptions or other links.

Many business owners starting off always ask me casually, ” What do you mean blog the pictures?” I go on to tell them to take all of their work via other social outlets and provide a link for others to learn more, and also ask you questions without them flooding your DMs. After I mention this, all is clear and then they ask “How” thats when I provide them with my rates.

I am happy to aid whoever is willing to learn and after the time paid ends, take over their blogs and continue to draw traffic to it. Again Pictures speak a 1000 words and can easily be a gateway to easy payment methods and income! If you are in need of help with this very thing, please visit our :

After viewing our rates, please contact us with any concerns and remember we give a free 30 min consultation. Blogging doesn’t have to be challenging, whether its an addition to your already established website or a new picture based blog, we are here to help.

Our two new promotions

Happy March!

Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

I wanted to go into detail about our two new promotions. You can find more about them here. 

Website building and Tech 101 assist to guide you navigate through your new or existing business tools. We offer competitive prices and a hands-on approach in our Tech 101 classes. Through our website building, we will walk you step by step on what changes can and would need to occur to bring more traffic and or declutter your website.

We want to ensure that everyone is able to learn the basics and more so that your company can save some money in either hiring a webmaster or taking a more expensive course in creating emails or creating word or presentation documents.

Here at Jennlynn Consulting, we want to not only bring you exciting new deals but better time and money management services to help with your small or medium business needs.

Fun News!

Jenlyn Consult Logo

Its February and I have two things to announce! First is the above Logo! This is our custom made logo and she does custom orders. You can email her @ for more info and pricing. Let me know what you think about it! Now on to the next announcement.

The second announcement is that we have two new additions to our team. Their positions are as Socia Media Director and Jr Managing Director. So if you see a new social post it’s most likely our social media guru!, and if you receive even faster service via email it’s our Jr DM. So don’t be afraid to email and message away, we have someone to answer your questions and schedule appointments around the clock.