New Products!

Hey all !

Its Jen! I have missed you guys, I’ve been so busy but wanted to do this months blog. This month is the same as last month in such a way of showing new products of our newly launched store! I have added some affordable options and wanted to give you a sneak peek below. You can view the rest of our items here.

A little more about the items below. I am an coffee connoisseur and as the cooler months roll in I thought it would be great to launch some mugs. I also put two colors and two different kind of mugs ( therefore why the prices are different) to suite everyone’s needs. They will be shifted from time to time without our new prints so get yours today!

( we also have a blog on the site, it gives you information on our sales and such)

We appreciate all orders, browsers and supportive persons.

Please remember that because of COVID processing times maybe a bit longer than before, but I can assure you that they are coming faster than the orders when we first lunched. If there are any issues please contact us, we will track down the item and or do our best to fix the issue at hand.

September Announcements

Hey guys it’s September, and we are back with another short but sweet blog full of announcements. Its once again the Social media specialist Mahogani filling in and I want to first announce that we have revamped our website.

We also are extending our discounts on our services to better fit our customers needs. We know that its a hard time for all of us ,so giving you prices that fits your needs is our mission. You can find both our temporary prices and new web revamp here.

Next, I want to share with you our new merchandise.We want to thank everyone who has purchased and we continue to bring products to fit everyone needs. If possible purchasing helps support our business and keeps us running smoothly during this pandemic. We have all price ranges and items, you can find it here .

Thank you again for reading and we will see you next month!!!!!

New Month New Products

Hi everyone

Its been such a long July but we manage to roll out some products and we want to share them with everyone. . This blog wont be long , we want you guys to spend some time browsing our selection and if you can support our small business by purchasing. We have all price ranges and something for everyone

I want to stop and thank my whole staff for taking the time to help me launch this site. The Managing director is the brains behind it all and we appreciate her. The digital designer did an excellent job bringing the directors’ creations to life. Also, Marketing department is doing all they can do ensure that we reach a larger audience, and we are!

Please let us know which item you purchase and be sure to tag us on your social media pages using #jennlynnconsult we would love to feature you.

With our future ado here is our Collection .

If you havent already follow us via:




Feel free to contact us

We are getting into….Apparel?

Photo by Artificial Photography on Unsplash

Yes, you read correctly! Hi everyone! Its Jen the founder, and I am here to announce an up and coming project! We are working not only safely but swiftly to ensure that we get our merchandise out there.

Our Managing Director ( read more about her here) came up with the idea to not only help our business stay current and running during this time but to do it in style. Our Tshirt line is one of a kind with two Adult designs and one Kids design. It was made by our Freelanced Designer. (Read more about her here.)

We want to bring awareness and our support for social distcing and being safe though we all have to try to transition back to our everyday lives.

Next blog we will hopefully have them to show ( shipping delays) and one of us will be up here wearing it! Exciting! I know. Until then, stay 6 ft back, wash your hands and wear your mask.

Will you buying our Tshirts?

10 Tips to ensure a safe re-opening

Hey guys this is Social Media Specialist I’m writing this months blog and here are 10 tips to stay safe as states start to open back up!
  • One suggestion would be to have face mask available for yourself and or clients. (Need Face mask? I am selling some, Pre-order here)
  • Disinfect surfaces around your home and work
  • Provide safe social distance protocols.
  • Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching you eyes,mouth and nose with your unwashed hands
  • Stay home if your feeling sick except if your in need of medical care.
  • If you are running an eCommerce, remember to include re insuring ways that you are keeping safe during reopening . The more assured a customer is the better they feel buying your product/services.
  • For employees also ensure that they are in a safe environment and also practice the steps above.
  • Providing health screening everyday for employees will help ensure safety.
  • Offering pickup, or curbside is a great way to start until given the full okay to open operations fully.

Remember we are all in this together !!

If you need any type of opening assistance , contact us .

You also can find more information listed above here.

Co-Working Space Part 3 (At Home)

This month we are talking about items you can put into your office. If you didn’t know we are offering temporary services that includes, Virtual office/space design. Today we will be showing you pieces that will work in any size office. Though this is a shorter post, we hope to give you some type of inspiration for your work space. Stay safe and see you in the next blog.

  1. Table
  2. Chair
  3. Picture
  4. Lamp
  5. Desk Organizer

Thanks for reading this month blog, I hope you found some inspiration from this. If you would like your space designed by our team feel free to contact us with any questions.

Co-Working Space Part 2 (at home)

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

We have made it to the fourth month of the year, this month our social media director is writing this month. Hello i’m Mahogani. Today we are going to talk about locations for your work spaces. Below i have ideas for locations for small offices.

  • Even if you have a small place your dining room or a small space in your kitchen can be used for your workspace.
  • Also a small part of your living room
  • if you have a studio then your bedroom would have to be used for your workspace.
  • But always remember to decorate your space.
  • Also here are three places to get affordable desk. Wayfair,Home Depot,Amazon

I hope the list above helped we are still looking for ways to help your small space needs, you can contact us if you run into a creative runt or if you need decoration or organization issues, we will be back next month with more ways to set up an office space in your home. Stay Safe!

Co working Space 1 ( at home)

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

We made it to the third month of the year. With so much going on, I wanted to deviate from the series on work spaces and focus for now on your home office. Since we are not at the time advised in certain locations to be in crowded spaces, at home workloads can become repetitive and at times nothing is accomplished. So here are some tips that can help until we all can get back into the swing of things.

If you do not have a home office or a space dedicated to just your work, making a spot is key to some type of motivation. I am here to tell you , when you work in distracted places, you will find other things to do . Answering emails and designing website templates will become less and less your focus. Now, I went around the web ( and personal tips) and found a few less than obvious suggestions.

  • Have a work space ( even if its a spot in the kitchen.)
  • Great technology is key to a smooth work from home experience. (
  • Set up at home “work hours” stick to them
  • Stick to your to do list.
  • Reward yourself when each one is accomplished.
  • Use a planner ( I am even using one now!)
  • Get dressed! ( so change those pjs) (
  • Go outside and meet with coworkers ( clients ) (
  • Work when you are most productive ( early )
  • Start early in the day . (

I hope the list above helped. For all your new office or space needs from decoration to organizing , you can contact us here. Our rates are highly competitive and we work one on one with each client to assure the most cost effective ( but every stylish) office of their dreams.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Its January!

We have been getting back in the swing of things, forgive us for forgetting you guys; but im here with another topic that will span for a few months. I wanted to tell you guys a bit about it and we will be back on schedule next month.

We will be exploring the best work-space locations . Based on where you live, it can be hard to find locations that you can work at, so we will include coffeeshops if we can not find places in each catagory. We will be looking at our service locations ( NV,MD,VA,DC) . We do serve all places but our main business traffic comes from these four locations.

I hope to see you guysin the next blog. If you have questions or need help with a workspace please let us know, we are happy to help. You can email us and contact us here.

Decembers Blog!!!!!

Photo by Rizky Subagja on Unsplash

The art work for this month will have to put on hold due to an injury our lovely digital designer has. We hope she gets better and you will see our very innovative art concept next month. I say new years , new things.

We want to first thank you the reader for giving us the opportunity to grow. Also I have to thank my team for filling in, being ready to help this year! They may not know this but things are looking up way more than I thought it would. Its all because of their help, I could not ask for any better.

This blog will be a bit short. I just want to give you guys the link to our new Instagram Post for Small Business Saturday yesterday. We hope to see you guys in the new year. There will be new concepts, classes and other new additions to announce, so stay tuned. We once again thank you for taking the time this year to read our blogs and explore out services.