Co working Space 1 ( at home)

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We made it to the third month of the year. With so much going on, I wanted to deviate from the series on work spaces and focus for now on your home office. Since we are not at the time advised in certain locations to be in crowded spaces, at home workloads can become repetitive and at times nothing is accomplished. So here are some tips that can help until we all can get back into the swing of things.

If you do not have a home office or a space dedicated to just your work, making a spot is key to some type of motivation. I am here to tell you , when you work in distracted places, you will find other things to do . Answering emails and designing website templates will become less and less your focus. Now, I went around the web ( and personal tips) and found a few less than obvious suggestions.

  • Have a work space ( even if its a spot in the kitchen.)
  • Great technology is key to a smooth work from home experience. (
  • Set up at home “work hours” stick to them
  • Stick to your to do list.
  • Reward yourself when each one is accomplished.
  • Use a planner ( I am even using one now!)
  • Get dressed! ( so change those pjs) (
  • Go outside and meet with coworkers ( clients ) (
  • Work when you are most productive ( early )
  • Start early in the day . (

I hope the list above helped. For all your new office or space needs from decoration to organizing , you can contact us here. Our rates are highly competitive and we work one on one with each client to assure the most cost effective ( but every stylish) office of their dreams.

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Its January!

We have been getting back in the swing of things, forgive us for forgetting you guys; but im here with another topic that will span for a few months. I wanted to tell you guys a bit about it and we will be back on schedule next month.

We will be exploring the best work-space locations . Based on where you live, it can be hard to find locations that you can work at, so we will include coffeeshops if we can not find places in each catagory. We will be looking at our service locations ( NV,MD,VA,DC) . We do serve all places but our main business traffic comes from these four locations.

I hope to see you guysin the next blog. If you have questions or need help with a workspace please let us know, we are happy to help. You can email us and contact us here.

Decembers Blog!!!!!

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The art work for this month will have to put on hold due to an injury our lovely digital designer has. We hope she gets better and you will see our very innovative art concept next month. I say new years , new things.

We want to first thank you the reader for giving us the opportunity to grow. Also I have to thank my team for filling in, being ready to help this year! They may not know this but things are looking up way more than I thought it would. Its all because of their help, I could not ask for any better.

This blog will be a bit short. I just want to give you guys the link to our new Instagram Post for Small Business Saturday yesterday. We hope to see you guys in the new year. There will be new concepts, classes and other new additions to announce, so stay tuned. We once again thank you for taking the time this year to read our blogs and explore out services.

Second Logo and new services

New logo

I can not believe that its November already! I am back with the new logo and a few new services that we are asked about , and now we are able to provide. First, the logo. Can we all agree that this design is amazing! Don’t worry, my other logo will still be used .This logo is what will be used on letter heads.The other one is used in our Newsletters .

I want to first give many thanks to our new Digital Artist freelancer who did this in record time. She will be working with us also on projects with our clients. I have a few in the works for next year , and I can not wait to tell you guys!

I want to also thank our Managing Director, who really pushed for a clean design that would state our very small company mission . I appreciate the effort and I am only responsible for the color. ( haha) I also must thank everyone else who help this company run and helped by with adding the new services available for you guys.

The new services are:

  • Social Media /Platform Set up
  • Digital art website additions
  • Small Business Solutions

Have a look at the following pages for more information :

Don’t forget to contact us if you are ready to start one of your projects!

Until next month( which will have our second digital art cartoon) have a safe and productive November.

New Designs Coming Your Way!


Good Afternoon!

This is Russell Sawyer, Jr. Managing Director of Jenn-Lynn Consulting here to give you a quick update on what is currently going on with our business and the changes that will soon be coming!

First are changes to the current conditions of the business. I would like to announce that things are starting to pick up, allowing us to focus more giving each and every one of you the service you need.

Moreover, we have noticed that a good portion of our services are towards the ‘Consulting’ part of our business, which is something we like to see, but we also want to let everyone know that we do more than consult with customers, we also help to build the necessary skills to succeed, even in building on your tech skills with Computer Classes and Software Introduction!

Other changes to occur include currently have a new Logo for the company! The picture above will be our Logo for our blog segments, made by Honi Sawyer, one of our freelancer and local Artist in the region. She will be also be the artist behind many of our blog post cartoons coming up ( another change in the works) .

We were so excited about new Logo that we decided to share it with everyone before having it put up on the website. It will be used when newsletters, some blog post and many other places. We strive to stay not only different but an out the box company. Our company logo is ,much simpler and in the works! It will be revealed next month.

We humbly thank Honi for the effort she put into the Art and hope you all enjoy it and the new changes that are soon to come.

New Rate Discussion: One Page Option

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

Last month our Jr Managing Director went into detail on how we have discussed and tweaked our rates to better serve you guys. It was also stated that this month there would be a discussion of another added rate.

So I am back to better explain the rate and give you guys an example of a client that has requested this service. I hope you guys enjoy our Jr Managing Director, because he will be filling in some months for me. He is a great blogger don’t you think?

Lets get into this rate. Simply put, its a front page to advertise your business. It gives info about the business, including contact info, pictures if need be and also background info on your business. It either be a quick summary of your business values, or a background of how it started.

I have a link to a client that had this service done. You can click here to see. It is almost done, our client has to approve and also add or send in photos that suits her taste.

What did you think? I enjoyed making this site and others, so I decided to make it its own service. The rate is flat at $100 and remember there is a $50 processing fee for all flat rates.

If this is for you please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our New Rates!

Photo by 
Artem Beliaikin  on Unsplash  

Hello again, This is Russell Sawyer, Jr. Managing Director of Jenn-Lynn Consulting; once again giving you some information about our new price changes!

Recently, the team have been in discussion about how the rates seem a bit inconsistent.

Taking a second look on how our rates affected customers, the team decided to use Flat rates for our package deals (Such as the Websites W/Multiple Pages starting at $200 home page/$80 Per Page) and hourly rates for services, such as Courses, Solutions, and Organization. ( there is a $50 processing fee for all package services)

We also have a new service & rate entitled “One Page Site” under “CMS/User friendly website building” ( first bullet) that next months blog will go into detail about, so stay tuned!

On top of this, we also do Payment Plans, a process that was not implemented as much before, but now ready for use.( there is a $50 processing fee for this service)

We, as a team, would never want our customers pay too much so our hourly rates are becoming more transparent. Flat rates allows us to commit as much time as need to finish the project to your satisfaction.

In this way, it allows, not only us, but you as a customer to know how much you are valued and also willing to invest to get your business started!

Basics & Intermediate Tech Training Promotion

Happy Summer Fellow Entrepreneurs !

Its that time again , a new blog with new ideas on this month a promotion. We have been trying to find ways to make our new PC skill classes more accessible in both skill sets , at both locations ( Southern Virginia , DC Metro) . Here are a few of the promotion details and over time we will change as we grow and demands change.

  • The base rate of $25 can be charged if 5 or more people sign up for each session.
  • Sessions will be a minimum of two hours.
  • Lower rates can be introduced if larger groups sign up for the promotion.
  • Each class session includes coffee and a light snack.
  • Longer classes are available upon request.
  • Private sessions are also available, please contact us.
  • Price will also be lowered if supplies are not provided ( laptop, desktop, software)

We are excited on how well the response and interest in this promotion. As we develop more of what is needed, more choices will be provided. Every company needs to be on top of their tech,not just purchasing but knowledge on what and how to use what is purchased. We hope to provide a cost effective alternative.

Productivity Ideas

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

As I sit here and type this almost a week later than I usually do , I realize that what I was calling procrastination was simply a lack of a creative spark. I was lacking that productivity bug when it came to getting this blog and my hobby blogs done. I go through this from time to time. I am often asked how I come up with these topics each month, I just came up with this one realizing that I had to continue to create content for you guys.

Thank you for reading, I have seen my numbers rise on the site and its all thanks to you guys. My team appreciate the love you guys show.

Back to the basis of the blog: what tricks do you have to become more productive? Sometimes like today I knew there was a deadline on all of this so that gave me motivation. I have written some of my best work in a state of deadline fog.

One other thing was an article . I am following it at this very moment. After this blog is done, I would have blogged for a hour and a half. Minus a break. I prefer to work straight through rather than taking a break every 25 min as the method states but I do see that the breaks do help.

Then it got me thinking, sometimes new business owners needs help with things such as organization and other measures that more experience entrepreneurs try to juggle all alone. This is why I came up with :

Organization, light typing, errands and so on . We strive here at Jenn-lynn Consulting to do the out the ordinary. Need help with picking out your business new shirt color. We can do that . Need help deciding what office equipment would best fit your budget and needs? We got you covered.

Just remember that not everything is procrastination, it can be a lost of that creative spark.

Lets motivate each other. To find out more on the above services click here and contact here.

New product offer spotlight: Blog set-up/ Administration

Photo by Yoshiko Evanka on Unsplash

Starting a blog seems to be harder than a blogger as myself would view it. Many small business owners and potential new small business owners have the task of trying to create a platform where pictures speaks louder than words. Remember, a blog does not necessarily consist of words ALL the time. Some blogs are picture based, showing the product/service and either prices, descriptions or other links.

Many business owners starting off always ask me casually, ” What do you mean blog the pictures?” I go on to tell them to take all of their work via other social outlets and provide a link for others to learn more, and also ask you questions without them flooding your DMs. After I mention this, all is clear and then they ask “How” thats when I provide them with my rates.

I am happy to aid whoever is willing to learn and after the time paid ends, take over their blogs and continue to draw traffic to it. Again Pictures speak a 1000 words and can easily be a gateway to easy payment methods and income! If you are in need of help with this very thing, please visit our :

After viewing our rates, please contact us with any concerns and remember we give a free 30 min consultation. Blogging doesn’t have to be challenging, whether its an addition to your already established website or a new picture based blog, we are here to help.