Happy Decemeber ,New Product Alert !

Jen here; I just wanted to share our new product for December. It is our Logo Sweatshirt. We hope that you order one for yourself and maybe a few family and friends. Each sweatshirt will not only add warm to your wardrobe but will be helping our business stay afloat.

As always, we appreciate you guys reading our ideas, sharing our stories, using our services, and purchasing our products. We have so much in store next year. We cant wait to bring you along for the ride!

Remember if we are here if:

You need assistance on projects, team building, and more, you can contact us here.

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The shop will be closed until next year ( still brainstorming), but you can purchase our sweatshirt here. ( they come in a few colors)

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We appreciate you guys, and we can’t wait for next year. Stay safe out there !!

Great Team Builiding Ideas

It’s November already! Where has this year gone? This thought gave me an idea for this month’s blog. Team building. A word that can not be so exciting, but can if you have the right people with the right ideas. Below are a few ideas that were done by my team at our first-ever workshop.

Photo by Surface on Unsplash
  • Playing games such as “Geo Guessr” – Consulting Assitant
  • “Create a social caption”- Social Media Specalist ( myself also)
  • Design on demand ( pitching is a plus) – Graphic Designer
  • Marketing demo ( requires actors) – Consulting Marketing Director

I hope these ideas will help guide your next meet. It’s the small things that make the time not only fly but more meaningful. Working together is the goal, but how you do it is the challenge.

Until next month: Happy creating!

Its October and we are back!

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Jen here! long time no Blog. I am glad to be back in action after my little creative break. I hope you guys are ready for some very useful information .

This months topic : Trending Business Ideas

This is my opinion on businesses that are being started based on Google searches, Social media ads and popups , recent client inquiries.

I will touch on a few and end it with a few pointers.

Ready? Lets get into it!

Top Sectors:

  • Food – Coffee/Tea shops , Food trucks, restaurant pop-ups
  • Fashion- Consulting, Stylist, Influencer
  • Public Relations- Marketing, Photography , Consulting

There are many more ,but these are the most seen. That doesn’t mean that what you want to do isnt important. I feel that more more unique ideas are need to either to enhance the sectors above or to add on to the list.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Research, Research, Research
  2. Stick to your interest, not what is current
  3. Invest into things such as marketing, websites and staff if needed. ( it will be worth it in the long run. )
  4. You have to spend money to make money. Assess your sending , make sure that you are breaking even, if not look at the weakest aspect of your company and opt for a change or deletion.
  5. Dedicated followers, buying audiences is the best audience. Showcase them more.

Until next post, I hope you found this information helpful.

Remember we are here to help. Feel free to contact us. We want to see your business flourish.

Happy July ( #2) word search

Hi all,

Photo by Girl with red hat on Unsplash

Jen here, sharing another word search ! If you are new to this, for 3 months we are offering a discount at our shop with a completed word search . You can find out more here on last months post.

Quick note: We have stickers in the shop with free shipping. You can find those here.

Without further ado, here is this months search. You can contact us with a screenshot and we will mail you the code.

June is here…already

By Patrick Thomas Via Unsplash

Hi guys!

As we are starting a new normal, I have a question for you, has your view of business changed since the world having a sudden shift in how we run businesses?

Our Senior HR asks : What are the pros and cons of running a business? Will your view or model stay the same?

I know here, we are all about change. We launched an apparel business , which was thought of by our Senior HR, she is the pentacle when it comes to ideas. I want to thank her once again for giving us ideas that would help us during the pandemic and beyond.

She also has a treat for you.

She is running a two month crossword to test your knowledge on business related things. I did pick the subjects, but all the thanks goes to HR and our new Consulting Assistant ! I will introduce you guys to him and our other new member soon enough. Special thanks to him for making Junes and Julys crossword.

Junes Crossword

Be sure to screenshot your completed one and tag us via Instagram or you can email us via the contact us.

We are giving a coupon to our Apparel shop, which is now OPEN!!! I am very excited that its open back up, not to mention we are getting orders. These orders help our business stay afloat during this tough time. Thank you

Until next month, stay safe, productive when you can and full of drive, determination and ideas.

Reminders & News

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Hi all

  • This is a short blog*

I am here for another blog!!!! Its Jen , the founder here and I am here to give some good up and coming news. Our Summer Collection will be out soon! We wanted you guys to hear it first.

In the next two weeks or so, the shop will be open again. A few reminders: we do ship outside the country including the UK. Styles will be ever changing so stay turned. We will have a few apparel size and also some accessories . For now accessories wise,we are sticking to Keychains, Coffee Cups, Mask, and Totes.

We hope you enjoy these designs when they are avaible , and I will be making an announcement via Instagram

So remember to follow us!

There will as always be two discounts. Note: each will be available for one use only. The first discount is for signing up for our newsletters ( I just sent our first one of the year out, have you read it yet?!) The second coupon is for clients only. You will receive your coupon code via email. Please contact us if you do not receive it by the end of May.

Until next month, remember to stay constantly aware , though many are vaccinated, we all have to stick together, wear our mask and wash out hands. We want to have our health and businesses in tip top shape when we are able to reopen fully or to an even larger group of people.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping !!

Continuing Pandemic Safety (plus upcoming news!!)

Photo by Jack Ward on Unsplash

Hello everyone

We made it to April. As we return to a new normal slowly but surely , we want to stress the need to not only take time for your business but for yourself and your employees. We have made it over several difficult humps but I think we still have a long way to go.

Though we are not still meeting up as groups , different online programs are now coming into place to help collaborate safely. I feel as if Zoom is not the only way that groups could meet up.

Sometimes an email is needed, or a collab app that puts ideas down and collab in real time is needed. Though up to you , I think its more than going outside the box when it comes to getting in contact with employees .

Remember there are different methods and ways that will make this time we more hopeful . Be safe out there and be safe with mask and distances.

People who own businesses that this is key , be safe out there , we know its hard and remember this is a new normal and we all as business owners is to think in a new way. It will pay off.


We are currently working on a new front page for our website. Its been a long while coming, and I want to thank my Managing Director for really using her vision to make this happen.

I am so proud of her ideas and I also want to thank my digital designer for her future work in this project.

You must wait and see and tell me what you think ! I will be sure to blog about it and do a short interview with the directors because its her work not mine.

Until then , here are some reminders.

Our shop is closed for another month , stay tuned. We are a bit behind thank you for your patience .

We are still running on pandemic hours until this is over.

We will run our specials until we see things are becoming balanced .

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions Contact US.

5 Ideas of Overall Productivity

Hey all Jen here! I made an infographic on things that has helped me and others on their view of being productive during this time and now for now on. I think we have to realize that its to each their own. As far as task, and goals but always remember to reward yourself and to take a break. There’s a new normal, lets start treating ourselves as such when it comes to working from home or just work in general.

Services Spotlight: New Service

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

How has everyone’s beginning to 2021 been ? As we get back into our same struggles, achivements and strides of 2020 , we must remember that this is simply a continuation of last year , and we must keep our eyes towards the future.

As simple as it sounds, it isnt. We have to remain momentum, money and manpower. The 3 M’s I like to call it. One will always lack, and this is why being open-minded on business opportunities to help people like us is key to keeping us afloat. This is why I thought of a way to help new , old and deciding business owners alike reach their goal.

We will be starting a small 30-40 min Seminar on basic needs of small businesses/ work chats. We want to treat this as a low budget work chat. This will give everyone a chance to meet people outside of their fields and maybe Collab on projects.

Though this is still developing we have already decided to have limited seating ( logins via zoom) so that everyone can be more relaxed and chat with each other. ( more will be via our Instagram in the coming weeks)

We also have the following information already in the works. Our website will reflect these things in the coming days.

  • Location -Via Zoom
  • Time -Varies ( will be announced. sign ups via our links posted on Instagram)
  • Duration 30-40 minuets
  • About- All business building and chatting
  • Price: $40 a person (groups can be hosted separately . Contact us)

Stay tuned for more information

2020 With Jenlnynn Consulting

Photo by Malte Schmidt on Unsplash

2020 was a whirlwind, but we are here, we are grateful and ready to help you guys in the new year. When you read this it will be already 2021.

Its the founder here, writing to tell you most of all that I am thankful you guys. So many have lost their dreams, and many years of hard work.

I am blessed to say that my business is able to be saved and though I did lose a large sum of money, I have no physical location and I am able to recover in the coming months. I am glad to be able to pay off these expenses all while still being able to help you guys launch your dreams.

Don’t forget that it is never too late to start a business. Brighter days and ideas are always ahead. Together we can do so much. I didn’t want to make this blog a long one. I will strive as I do every year to help with this that.

I did want to take time to thank you , my crew who is taking a little break which is needed.

We will see you soon, don’t forget that you can contact us and we have temporary services and rates.

Our shop will be closed starting February 1, 2021 for three months. This will give us time to regroup and bring better ideas and products. Thank you for your understanding, buying and being supportive.

Feel free to reach out with questions , concerns and we do love to hear happy stories.

If you have had our services and are pleased with the results, please leave a review for us here.

Until next year be safe, and later.