September Announcements

Hey guys it’s September, and we are back with another short but sweet blog full of announcements. Its once again the Social media specialist Mahogani filling in and I want to first announce that we have revamped our website. We also are extending our discounts on our services to better fit our customers needs. WeContinue reading “September Announcements”

10 Tips to ensure a safe re-opening

One suggestion would be to have face mask available for yourself and or clients. (Need Face mask? I am selling some, Pre-order here) Disinfect surfaces around your home and work Provide safe social distance protocols. Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds Avoid touching you eyes,mouth and nose with your unwashed hands StayContinue reading “10 Tips to ensure a safe re-opening”

Co-Working Space Part 3 (At Home)

This month we are talking about items you can put into your office. If you didn’t know we are offering temporary services that includes, Virtual office/space design. Today we will be showing you pieces that will work in any size office. Though this is a shorter post, we hope to give you some type ofContinue reading “Co-Working Space Part 3 (At Home)”

Co-Working Space Part 2 (at home)

We have made it to the fourth month of the year, this month our social media director is writing this month. Hello i’m Mahogani. Today we are going to talk about locations for your work spaces. Below i have ideas for locations for small offices. Even if you have a small place your dining roomContinue reading “Co-Working Space Part 2 (at home)”