Its January! We have been getting back in the swing of things, forgive us for forgetting you guys; but im here with another topic that will span for a few months. I wanted to tell you guys a bit about it and we will be back on schedule next month. We will be exploring theContinue reading

New Rate Discussion: One Page Option

Last month our Jr Managing Director went into detail on how we have discussed and tweaked our rates to better serve you guys. It was also stated that this month there would be a discussion of another added rate. So I am back to better explain the rate and give you guys an example ofContinue reading “New Rate Discussion: One Page Option”

Basics & Intermediate Tech Training Promotion

Happy Summer Fellow Entrepreneurs ! Its that time again , a new blog with new ideas on this month a promotion. We have been trying to find ways to make our new PC skill classes more accessible in both skill sets , at both locations ( Southern Virginia , DC Metro) . Here are aContinue reading “Basics & Intermediate Tech Training Promotion”