5 Tips for Businesses (New and Current)

Hi Everyone! We are 9 months into the pandemic and I hope all is well. We strive to provide services and information ( and inspiring sayings) to help during this tough time. I have collected through research and experiences , 5 tips to help your business even from home. Ready? Get your notes out .Continue reading “5 Tips for Businesses (New and Current)”

We have launched a Gofundme!

Because of Covid, my Consulting Business is taking a hint. So with someone’s brilliant idea helped me, launch a small apparel line because why not?! With this also comes more expenses so with her encourgment I finally launched a GoFundMe page for my company. Expenses are high and with other things going on during thisContinue reading “We have launched a Gofundme!”

Its January! We have been getting back in the swing of things, forgive us for forgetting you guys; but im here with another topic that will span for a few months. I wanted to tell you guys a bit about it and we will be back on schedule next month. We will be exploring theContinue reading