We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experiences. We look forward to working with you.

Jennifer Sawyer

Founder ( HR Director)
Founder: Jennifer Sawyer
A Doctoral Student working on her Doctor Of Business Administration, with a focus in International Business/Economics. She has over 13 years of experience with providing technical support, functions & resolving of customer issues. Also, vast experience working with clients on strategy, planning, and project management.

Email me: jennifer.sawyer@jennlynconsulting.com

Netta Sawyer

Creative Director ( Freelanced)

Background: This is the backbone of the company. When it comes to plans she is an expert at project, strategy, and team management. Notably, she has over 20 years of management, and team guiding experience. She is also a small business owner for over 15 years.

Email me: nettaboose@gmail.com

Russell Sawyer Jr

Managing Director

Overseer of customer relations,
experience, and emails. Assist HR with implementing strategic plans and company policies

Background: Has a Masters’s in Special Education, and 5 years of Customer Relations experience.

Email me: russellsawyer216@gmail.com

David Stewart

Consulting Marketing Manager

Background: Is the creative marketing guru of the team. Has over 18 years of creative project management, marketing, and problem-solving experience.  Also works in the promotions and marketing space via his own company.

Email Me: lsteweightytwo@gmail.com

Honi Sawyer

Digital Artist (freelanced)

Our Digital Artist is in charge of our illustrations and backgrounds in all current and future projects. She artistically works and practices the use of digital technology.

Background: 7 years of media art experience. Pursuing her undergrad in Art.

Illya Boose Jr

Managing Director

Our Consulting Assistant ensures that departments are supplied with the correct resources, training, and support. He also managed,s analyzes, and views /hears concerns within our workflow settings.

Background: Graduate in History & Computer Science . 6 years of management experience.

Charles Stewart lll

JR Manager

Our Jr Manager works closely with the Directing Manager. He is in charge of being the right hand of all the departments. He also assists with the implementation and overseeing of projects.

Background: Soon to be graduating and pursuing a general study major. A year of experience in project management.

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