Jen here; I just wanted to share our new product for December. It is our Logo Sweatshirt. We hope that you order one for yourself and maybe a few family and friends. Each sweatshirt will not only add warm to your wardrobe but will be helping our business stay afloat.

As always, we appreciate you guys reading our ideas, sharing our stories, using our services, and purchasing our products. We have so much in store next year. We cant wait to bring you along for the ride!

Remember if we are here if:

You need assistance on projects, team building, and more, you can contact us here.

You can find our services and rates here.

The shop will be closed until next year ( still brainstorming), but you can purchase our sweatshirt here. ( they come in a few colors)

You can also support us via Instagram ( click here or the link in our bio)

Support can also be done here.

We appreciate you guys, and we can’t wait for next year. Stay safe out there !!

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