It’s November already! Where has this year gone? This thought gave me an idea for this month’s blog. Team building. A word that can not be so exciting, but can if you have the right people with the right ideas. Below are a few ideas that were done by my team at our first-ever workshop.

Photo by Surface on Unsplash
  • Playing games such as “Geo Guessr” – Consulting Assitant
  • “Create a social caption”- Social Media Specalist ( myself also)
  • Design on demand ( pitching is a plus) – Graphic Designer
  • Marketing demo ( requires actors) – Consulting Marketing Director

I hope these ideas will help guide your next meet. It’s the small things that make the time not only fly but more meaningful. Working together is the goal, but how you do it is the challenge.

Until next month: Happy creating!

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