By Patrick Thomas Via Unsplash

Hi guys!

As we are starting a new normal, I have a question for you, has your view of business changed since the world having a sudden shift in how we run businesses?

Our Senior HR asks : What are the pros and cons of running a business? Will your view or model stay the same?

I know here, we are all about change. We launched an apparel business , which was thought of by our Senior HR, she is the pentacle when it comes to ideas. I want to thank her once again for giving us ideas that would help us during the pandemic and beyond.

She also has a treat for you.

She is running a two month crossword to test your knowledge on business related things. I did pick the subjects, but all the thanks goes to HR and our new Consulting Assistant ! I will introduce you guys to him and our other new member soon enough. Special thanks to him for making Junes and Julys crossword.

Junes Crossword

Be sure to screenshot your completed one and tag us via Instagram or you can email us via the contact us.

We are giving a coupon to our Apparel shop, which is now OPEN!!! I am very excited that its open back up, not to mention we are getting orders. These orders help our business stay afloat during this tough time. Thank you

Until next month, stay safe, productive when you can and full of drive, determination and ideas.


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