Photo by Jack Ward on Unsplash

Hello everyone

We made it to April. As we return to a new normal slowly but surely , we want to stress the need to not only take time for your business but for yourself and your employees. We have made it over several difficult humps but I think we still have a long way to go.

Though we are not still meeting up as groups , different online programs are now coming into place to help collaborate safely. I feel as if Zoom is not the only way that groups could meet up.

Sometimes an email is needed, or a collab app that puts ideas down and collab in real time is needed. Though up to you , I think its more than going outside the box when it comes to getting in contact with employees .

Remember there are different methods and ways that will make this time we more hopeful . Be safe out there and be safe with mask and distances.

People who own businesses that this is key , be safe out there , we know its hard and remember this is a new normal and we all as business owners is to think in a new way. It will pay off.


We are currently working on a new front page for our website. Its been a long while coming, and I want to thank my Managing Director for really using her vision to make this happen.

I am so proud of her ideas and I also want to thank my digital designer for her future work in this project.

You must wait and see and tell me what you think ! I will be sure to blog about it and do a short interview with the directors because its her work not mine.

Until then , here are some reminders.

Our shop is closed for another month , stay tuned. We are a bit behind thank you for your patience .

We are still running on pandemic hours until this is over.

We will run our specials until we see things are becoming balanced .

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions Contact US.


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