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How has everyone’s beginning to 2021 been ? As we get back into our same struggles, achivements and strides of 2020 , we must remember that this is simply a continuation of last year , and we must keep our eyes towards the future.

As simple as it sounds, it isnt. We have to remain momentum, money and manpower. The 3 M’s I like to call it. One will always lack, and this is why being open-minded on business opportunities to help people like us is key to keeping us afloat. This is why I thought of a way to help new , old and deciding business owners alike reach their goal.

We will be starting a small 30-40 min Seminar on basic needs of small businesses/ work chats. We want to treat this as a low budget work chat. This will give everyone a chance to meet people outside of their fields and maybe Collab on projects.

Though this is still developing we have already decided to have limited seating ( logins via zoom) so that everyone can be more relaxed and chat with each other. ( more will be via our Instagram in the coming weeks)

We also have the following information already in the works. Our website will reflect these things in the coming days.

  • Location -Via Zoom
  • Time -Varies ( will be announced. sign ups via our links posted on Instagram)
  • Duration 30-40 minuets
  • About- All business building and chatting
  • Price: $40 a person (groups can be hosted separately . Contact us)

Stay tuned for more information

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