2020 With Jenlnynn Consulting

Photo by Malte Schmidt on Unsplash

2020 was a whirlwind, but we are here, we are grateful and ready to help you guys in the new year. When you read this it will be already 2021.

Its the founder here, writing to tell you most of all that I am thankful you guys. So many have lost their dreams, and many years of hard work.

I am blessed to say that my business is able to be saved and though I did lose a large sum of money, I have no physical location and I am able to recover in the coming months. I am glad to be able to pay off these expenses all while still being able to help you guys launch your dreams.

Don’t forget that it is never too late to start a business. Brighter days and ideas are always ahead. Together we can do so much. I didn’t want to make this blog a long one. I will strive as I do every year to help with this that.

I did want to take time to thank you , my crew who is taking a little break which is needed.

We will see you soon, don’t forget that you can contact us and we have temporary services and rates.

Our shop will be closed starting February 1, 2021 for three months. This will give us time to regroup and bring better ideas and products. Thank you for your understanding, buying and being supportive.

Feel free to reach out with questions , concerns and we do love to hear happy stories.

If you have had our services and are pleased with the results, please leave a review for us here.

Until next year be safe, and later.

Published by aoiyu

DBA student. Blogger for 11 years. Public Instagram is @emikos_unexplained_blogs Also a coffee drinking, city girl. Mostly on my other blogs but will post the same content via WordPress. http://emikosweridunexplained.blogspot.com/ http://coffeehouseconfessionals.blogspot.com/

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