5 Tips for Businesses (New and Current)

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Hi Everyone!

We are 9 months into the pandemic and I hope all is well. We strive to provide services and information ( and inspiring sayings) to help during this tough time. I have collected through research and experiences , 5 tips to help your business even from home. Ready? Get your notes out .

  1. Marketing- Simple social marketing to paid marketing can make a world of difference with not only ecommerce companies but service companies.
  2. Networking- Even from home using the first tip will create this tip. Create emails and other ways to keep your customers engaged.
  3. Office Hours- If you are a business that does not have a set location, still having office hours will help create structure.
  4. Team meets- Slack, Google, Zoom and other platforms are great for this. Check in, ask how everyone is doing.
  5. Repeat- You may not see the growth right away, but it does pay for itself in the long run.

I hope this gave some insight into the world of now limited contact. We will get through this! Below are some announcements that pertain to our business.

Office Hours – We have new hours for the time being. You can find them here

Apparel- We launched a site! We appreciate the orders ( There’s a sale going on 30% with code NOV2020)

Temporary Services- View them here

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