Co working Space 1 ( at home)

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We made it to the third month of the year. With so much going on, I wanted to deviate from the series on work spaces and focus for now on your home office. Since we are not at the time advised in certain locations to be in crowded spaces, at home workloads can become repetitive and at times nothing is accomplished. So here are some tips that can help until we all can get back into the swing of things.

If you do not have a home office or a space dedicated to just your work, making a spot is key to some type of motivation. I am here to tell you , when you work in distracted places, you will find other things to do . Answering emails and designing website templates will become less and less your focus. Now, I went around the web ( and personal tips) and found a few less than obvious suggestions.

  • Have a work space ( even if its a spot in the kitchen.)
  • Great technology is key to a smooth work from home experience. (
  • Set up at home “work hours” stick to them
  • Stick to your to do list.
  • Reward yourself when each one is accomplished.
  • Use a planner ( I am even using one now!)
  • Get dressed! ( so change those pjs) (
  • Go outside and meet with coworkers ( clients ) (
  • Work when you are most productive ( early )
  • Start early in the day . (

I hope the list above helped. For all your new office or space needs from decoration to organizing , you can contact us here. Our rates are highly competitive and we work one on one with each client to assure the most cost effective ( but every stylish) office of their dreams.

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