New year same insgishts

I want to shed some encouraging light on even my dull business outlooks. Things that can detour us from starting a business can vary, but the main things that we can all agree on would be :

  • World News
  • Finances
  • Other failed businesses
  • Lack of motivation/understanding
  • Partnerships having two different views on how to handle the business

What can one do about these types of hardships? I want to offer a few suggestions.

  • Have an outline, goal timeline, and proposal written-Many need help on building their plans beyond paper. That’s where I can step in and help. Note: there is a free consultation where I will dedicate 30 minutes in not only hearing your plans but trying to give you the best advice that I can offer. You are not obligated to pay if after the 30 minutes my services is not to your liking or I have solved your problem(s)
  • Attending workshops- I will be offering workshops for experienced and non-business owners alike. We can all learn from each other and; build, network and hopefully take something away from the information provided. Stay tuned, I will be having my first webinar in the coming months. If all goes well, there will be a meet up in New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia. But as you can see these are later time-lined goals I have set for myself. It all starts with a plan.

With that being said, what are some hardships that you are facing? Whether its a first-time business problem or a mature business problem. Feel free to ask and comment below.


Published by aoiyu

DBA student. Blogger for 11 years. Public Instagram is @emikos_unexplained_blogs Also a coffee drinking, city girl. Mostly on my other blogs but will post the same content via WordPress.

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