Beginners Tech Terms

coding photoI am always asked what I mean when I say certain words. Its mainly when it comes to giving directions to tech related help.

I am by no means perfect but I do know my lingo and I  have no problem sharing things with you all.
So the next time I say these phrases, you will all nod and we can be tech buddies.

Techie– Slang for technology inclined individual.

Blog- a social media site that a user can post things about their life, style and all relevant things that interest them.

Wifi– High speed wireless network. if you ever see 802.11b that is basically wifi.

VOIP– which is voice over internet protocol- in so many words making a call via the internet. This is one that a lot of people are confused about.

Unzip- To extract files from a compressed file.

Crash– when you computer webpage or program suddenly stops working.

Some phrases were crossed referenced from Net lingo. com 

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